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Elgin Medi-Transport provides medical transportation for:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • Special Event Standby​

  • Pediatric Transport

All of our ambulances are equipped with POWER-LOADtm motorized cot lifts 

Service Needs Include

  • Dialysis Treatment

  • Radiation Treatment

  • Chemotherapy

  • Outpatient Surgery

  • Direct Admits

  • Hospital & SNF Discharges

  • Hospice

  • Bariatric Transport

  • Doctor's Appointments

  • Special Events

  • Wheelchair & All Other Non-Emergency Calls

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Wheelchair Transport


Whether it is a ride to the store, a visit to the doctor or a trip to see a friend, Elgin Medi can help you get there safely! Elgin Medi-Transport provides non-ambulatory services for the elderly and wheelchair patients who do not require specialized care, monitoring, or treatment by EMTs, paramedics or nurses.

Medi-van transport is a private service for individuals who have needs outside the house but do not have personal transportation that can accommodate their needs. Experienced drivers are trained and certified in CPR and advanced first aid and are qualified to provide non-emergent van services.

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